cyber/spacewar: antisocial networking & the coming cybercom

denial-of-service attack knocks twitter offline*
denial-of-service attack knocks twitter offlinetwitter crashes: hackers to blame?*
what's on the pentagon's mind? facebook*
marines ban twitter, myspace, facebook*
skype could be cut off for good over dispute*
google ceo resigns from apple board*
apple & google: collusion or sleeping with the enemy?*
white house cyber adviser melissa hathaway resigns*
'cyber czar' resigns;
let's not replace her
white house struggles to fill cyber czar post*
observers ponder new cyber adviser*
desperately seeking cyber skills*
cdt wants US govt to detail computer monitoring program*
e-verify could add biometrics*
uk pentagon hacker & 9/11 truther, gary mackinnon,
loses extradition appeals to avoid trial in US
video: buzz aldrin on c-span: monolith orbiting mars*
100s of isp's refuse to go along with big brother spy system*
flashback: video: lawrence lessig on an i-9/11*


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