earthquake wars, solar storms & the ‘big one’ for US

'97 dod briefing: 'others' can set off quakes,
volcanoes remotely using electromagnetic waves

are we in a haarp earthquake war?are we in a haarp earthquake war?*
huge 8.8 quake hits chile*
chile troops, police attack 'looters'*
govt declares martial law in chile after quake*
chilean military takes control of cities*
strong earthquake strokes northern philippines*
strong earthquake rocked southern taiwan*

6.9 earthquake rocks okinawa islands in southern japan*
are the earthquakes in chile, haiti, taiwan & japan related?*
chilean earthquake hints at dangers of 'big one' for US*
another taiwan earthquake, measuring 6.4, sparks widespread panic; scores injured but no casualties*
chile hit by another strong earthquake*
killer waves caused panic on mediterranean cruise ship*

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space weather, coronal mass ejection & chile quake