gulf oil updates: the poison is still spilling

spill hits freemason island as bp preps to lower giant funnel*
gulf oil spill reaches freemason island as bp prepares to lower giant funnelanother meme from the strangely predictive simpsons movie*
video: swat team response to oil spill as govt takeover plot*
10 animals most threatened by spill*
interior dept gave deepwater horizon operators safety award in '09*
gulf oil spill: the halliburton connection*
surprise! obama was top recipient of bp donations*
chemicals used to contain oil spill could harm marine life*
why did leaking oil rig lack safety switch used in other countries?*
US exempted bp's gulf of mexico drilling from environmental impact study*
US not accepting foreign help on oil spill*
will the gulf of mexico oil spill be an economic disaster that the gulf coast will never recover from?*
video: about the big spill*
leaking oil well lacked safeguard device*
rumors of blackout over north korean torpedoing of gulf oil rig*
why do so many bad things keep happening to US?*
oil spill: here's the inside scoop*
was the gulf oil spill an act of war? you betcha*
halliburton may be culprit in oil rig explosion*
was rush right about a bp/horizon terror attack?*

flashback: let the poison spill

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