police state updates: global government gone wild

war on terror morphs into a diabolical assault on civil rights*
war on terror morphs into a diabolical assault on civil rightsgangsterism 2.0: global government gone wild at g20 in toronto*
norad leader pledges support for g8/g20*
g20 protesters could be hit with sonic guns*
ontario fertilizer bomb threat a mere 'gardening incident'*
video: toronto police prepare for g20 urban warfare*
strengthening nafta ties & the push towards a common security front*
northcom gears up for attack on US soil*
'authorities' to stage terrorism response in tobaccoville, n carolina*
terrorism drill to be conducted in tobaccoville for two days*
off-duty cop pretended to be terrorist gunman in hospital's unannounced 'safety' drill*

'continuity of government' planning: war, terror & the supplanting of the US constitution*
video: 'golden guardian 2010' terror drills*
fbi is sole justice agency prepared for terror attack, report says*
surveillance cameras installed at the georgia guidestones*
american traffic solutions secures investment from goldman sachs*
canadian & american cops run training exercise on new hampshire campus*
beach-storming drill returns marines to roots*
beach-storming marines*
marines return to roots with calif. beach-storming*
arkansas soldiers learn how to transport ammunition in 'golden cargo'*
illinois plans emergency drill in chicago area*
troops invade chicago (for training)*
video: city of austin approves fusion center, blood draw specialist*
philadelphia plans 'street-level intelligence' fusion center*
federal building in atlanta evacuated after suspicious package is found*
2 new jersey men arrested on terrorism charges at jfk*
more dim bulb homegrown patsies arrested*
tsa now handling watch list checks for all domestic flights*
video: airport screeners reveal travelers' surly side*
no place to hide: dhs & isis*
uk children as young as 4 'to be fingerprinted to borrow school books'*
video: bcso's party patrol nets another teen liquor bust*
video: 1000s rally in favor of arizona immigration law*
video: infowars receives 'rise of the new right' script*
cell phone video appears to show US border patrol killing mexican teen*