8/5 newspurge: modern man

9/11 updates:
video: plans for mosque near 'ground zero' brings lawsuit*
fear factory produce 9/11-themed track 'controlled demolition'*
more 9/11 truth music: blakhatz perform 'building 7'*

weather modification pilots having a busy summer*
hail fighters: weather modification pilots having a busy summerfront group wants taxpayers to pay for bp's gulf destruction*
chemical weapons to remain off of hawaii's coast*
video: taxpayers fund video game that teaches girls how not to score*
brain-eating vaccines: the reality behind the 'conspiracy theory'*
the psychology of conspiracy denial*
dumbing-down society part 3: how to reverse its effects*
previous: dark marks & 100 days of oil*

mexico looks to legalisation as drug war murders hit 28,000*
up in smoke: 'cannabis gave me my life back'*

US & russia to hold 'vigilant eagle' drills aug6-14*
mass panic as zimbabwean officials fake air crash*
cambodia hosts first multi-national exercise*
al-qaeda linked group says it attacked japanese supertanker*
ahmadinejad unhurt after motorcade explosion*
video: chossudovsky on iran - US winks, israel bites*

holy hexes:
schwarzenegger, murdoch speak at bohemian grove*
video: indiana teens were high, pledged to burn 'satanic church'*

wyclef jean to run for president in haiti*
wyclef jean to run for president in haiti'the other guys': how not to end a comedy*
video: interview w/ director of upcoming grant morrison documentary*

oregon oddities:
oregon inquiry into sex-assault claim against al gore dropped for lack of evidence*
bay area band frontman dead in tour van crash*
early graves singer killed in oregon crash*
portland lemonade stand runs into health inspectors, needs $120 license to operate*

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