4/14 pop occulture: invasion, eviction, investigation

think you'll need last rites? better plan ahead*
think you'll need last rites? better plan aheadthe second coming of jesus &
the space alien tactical invasion of planet earth:
part1 - how should we respond?
part2 - what should governments be doing?*
21 californian trailer park residents evicted to make way for scientology golf course*
westboro baptist church network of sites back up*
what happened in waco?:
cnn presents - 'waco: faith, fear & fire'
explosion outside synagogue intentional*
blast suspect charged with murderous intent*
madonna ditches kabbalah for opus dei?*
'the nine: inside secret world of supreme court'*
sports illustrated poll says football fans would go to church, surf internet if nfl season canceled*
video: bob larson casts out homosexual demon*
new study, published in journal of nervous & mental disease, investigates 'mediumship'*