media monarchy episode233

media monarchy episode233"how do you get most of your news about national and international issues?" on the 233rd episode of media monarchy w/ remote control rezwan, peaceful protests & black sunday - shutdown, sources & the deceitful newspurge - pantries, pets & pig thieves on food world order - cookies, retention & a heavenly palace in cyber/spacewar - grave guitars & google scrolls on holy hexes + creepy music by dum dum girls, the ethiopians and so much more...

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media monarchy on the portland radio authoritymedia monarchy is originally broadcast live on the portland radio authority, zero point radio & revere radio every friday at 10am pacific time...

and a huge thanks to free radio olympia, berkeley liberation radio, ground zero radio, one sky radio & others for rebroadcasting the show...

plus, you can always get podcasts of previous episodes through itunes & + hi-quality mp3s suitable for rebroadcast provided by & ... thank you

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  1. in the news report starting 17:20 what is the first reporters name? Bob Orr? 17:38 sounds like Woltz idk, but later at 19:16 from the second reporter there is a quite distinct "we have to stress a very important point, wolf, …"

    a point to stress, wolf – lonewolf, dropping the wordgame are we?

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