2/2 binge & purge: super bees, count fudgula & more

Monsanto killed the bees to make way for its 'Super-Bee'?*

Pink slime removed from McDonald’s burgers!*
Audio Satire: Area Man Forces Himself To Drink Free Refill*
Food carriers recalled due to freezer gel pack ingestion hazard*
Trisha Yearwood Launching Food Network Series*
Food Network Executive to Run YouTube Food Channel*
Proposed Bill May Ban Eating in NY Subways*
Missouri Food Pantries Stretch to Meet the Need*
Gingrich says Romney nixed kosher food for seniors*
Food Groups Urge Administration to Reject New Food Taxes*
Sugar Tariffs Cost Americans $3.86B in 2011*
Should sugar be regulated like alcohol?*
Like Count Fudgula on The Simpsons?:
#Audio #Satire Bloodthirsty Undead Ghoul Advocates Chocolate Cereal Consumption*