Alchemy and Sufism

November 29, 2014 Vulgarian 0

from henrybayman.com: It is known that alchemy originated from Hermeticism. Some have even considered the two synonymous. We have also seen that Sufism is the contemporary form of Hermeticism. This suggests that there should be


Houdini and the Supernatural

November 26, 2014 Vulgarian 0

from thegreatharryhoudini.com: In the 1920s, after the death of his mother, Houdini began focusing his energy on debunking psychics and mediums. Although he eventually focused on proving these people to be fakes, his initial entry


Hagel’s Ritual Resignation and ‘The War Ahead’

November 25, 2014 BrocWest 0

from 21stcenturywire.com: Another ritual resignation took place today in Washington… Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel (R) threw in the towel today by tendering his resignation to President Barack Obama, amidst all the usual pomp and circumstance


Native American Words of Wisdom

November 25, 2014 Vulgarian 0

from firstpeople.us: The time has come to listen to echoes from our land…the wisdom and teachings of our Native American Indians. Their words are simple and their voices are soft. We have not heard them,


What Is Esoteric?

November 23, 2014 Vulgarian 0

from esoteric.msu.edu: Until comparatively recently, there was very little scholarship on Western esotericism as a field. There were, of course, various articles and books on aspects of Western esotericism like alchemy or Rosicrucianism, but there


@PumpUpThaVolume: Episode136 – Glory Days

November 23, 2014 @PumpUpThaVolume 0

♫Makin’ a soundtrack for another planet to hear♫ on Episode136 – Glory Days which features brand new sounds from Stars, Damien Jurado, Julian Casablancas + the Voidz, A. Sinclair, Caribou, Oceaán, The Great Depression, The


In Defence of Theology

November 18, 2014 Vulgarian 0

from bernardokastrup.com: Theology has been the subject of much bashing by neo-atheists over the past several years. A fresh blog post by Jerry Coyne today seems to encapsulate the essence of their grievance: theology is claimed to be