#PumpUpThaVolume: April 28, 2017

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Media Monarchy DJ's live every weekday from 12-1pm PT on MediaMonarchy.com/Listen. Today we played:

Peaches - "Close Up" (w/Kim Gordon)
Quiet Domino - "Metropelium"
davOmakesbeats (w/TT The Artist and Sir JoQ) - "Kitty Klap"
Marta Ren & The Groovelvets - "Don't Look"
Control Freaks - "Control Freaks"
BNQT – "Restart"
Hot Flash Heat Wave - "Raindrop"
Oceans Are Zeroes - "Fugue State"
Street Eaters - "Take What I Don't Need"
White Reaper - "Judy French"
Sixo - "Random Awakening" (w/Milo & Heir Max)
Those Lavender Whales - "I Love My Friends"
Charly Bliss - "Percolator"
Sloan - "Sensory Deprivation"