#PumpUpThaVolume: February 12, 2018

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#PumpUpThaVolume: February 12, 2018Media Monarchy DJ's live every weekday from 12-1pm PT on MediaMonarchy.com/Listen. Today we played:

Washed Out - "Space Around The Feel Station" (Violens Remix)
L7 - "I Came Back To Bitch"
Pale Kids - "St. Theresa"
The Laissez Fairs - "Like Mrs. Peel In Leather"
Tres Oui - "Red Wine & Dry Ice"
Varvara - "Anxiety"
Nova Flares - "Gut Splinter"
Fontaines D.C. - "Chequeless Reckless"
Last Import - "One A Day"
Beta Boys - "Brick Walls"
The Doors - "Tightrope Ride"/"I'd like them to listen" (Ray Manzarek)"The Crystal Ship"
Hood Internet - "Fetch and Roll" (Gucci Mane x Les Sins)/"Freeze, Barbra!" (Young Dro x Gucci Mane x Duck Sauce)/"Raining Bricks" (Gucci Mane x Slayer)
Scorn - "Night Ash Black" (Bill Laswell 'Slow Black Underground River' Mix)