Sucked Into Distractions

June 15, 2014 BrocWest 0

from antiwar.com: It’s funny how so many people in the peace and justice movement, in which I’ve been an active participant for the past decade, have been sucked into various distractions in recent years.  This


The Geopolitics of the #WorldCup

June 11, 2014 BrocWest 0

from atimes.com: One of the defining images of the World Cup – so far – has been the sight of the Mannschaft – aka the German team – fraternizing with Pataxo Indians a few hundred


The Geopolitics of the Eurasian Economic Union

May 28, 2014 BrocWest 0

from globalresearch.ca: The deal signed last week by Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan to create a Eurasian Economic Union is yet another countermeasure against US and European attempts to isolate Russia. By moving towards closer economic cooperation, Russia