#Newspurge: How Will I Know?

February 17, 2012 Media Monarchy 0

9/11 Updates: London-based oil executive linked to 9/11 hijackers* Remains of another 9/11 victim identified in NYC* Stephen M. Levin, Who Ran a Clinic for 9/11 Responders, Dies at 70* Biowars/Envirohealth: Video: Ground water contamination


2/9 Newspurge: Our Next Breath

February 10, 2012 Media Monarchy 0

biowars/envirohealth: US to approve 1st nuclear reactors since 1978* Strange Sounds Proven by Scientist – Massive Effort to Cover It Up?* Leaking & Damaged Nuclear Power Plants In The US Exposed* Video: Radiation leak in


2/2 Newspurge: Pretty Pink Ribbon

February 2, 2012 Media Monarchy 0

biowars/envirohealth: Susan G. Komen stops Planned Parenthood funding* Komen Foundation Urged to Restore Planned Parenthood Funds* Pfizer recalls 1M birth control packs after mixup* Calgary mayor turns to psychologist to help city council get along*


1/26 newspurge: what would you do?

January 26, 2012 Media Monarchy 0

biowars/envirohealth: Bird flu mutation studies must go on, says scientist* Bird flu researcher: H5N1 work is ‘urgent’* China reports second bird flu death in a month* Calgary Sun: Fukushima fallout hit home* Influx of Dolphins


1/12 newspurge: tomorrow never dies

January 12, 2012 Media Monarchy 0

9/11 updates: Video: NY judge drops Binladen Group as 9/11 defendant* Sept. 11 Memorial Obscures a Police Cadet’s Bravery* biowars/envirohealth: Video: ‘Doomsday Clock’ moves closer to midnight on fears about Fukushima, Iran, Korea* Ohio Injection


12/29 newspurge: danger! heartbreak dead ahead

December 29, 2011 Media Monarchy 0

9/11 updates: ‘extremely loud & incredibly close’ could cause flashbacks* ‘all-american muslim’ to deal with 9/11* deadline approaching for pending 9/11 lawsuits* tourists add 9/11 memorial to nyc itinerary* nyc mayor says work on 9/11


12/22 newspurge: sometimes you have to work on christmas

December 22, 2011 Media Monarchy 0

biowars/envirohealth: japan pm says fukushima nuclear site finally stabilised* video: ‘statistically meaningful increase’ in west coast cancer from fukushima* philippines sends coffins, flood toll nears 1000 dead; president declares ‘state of national calamity’* river in


12/15 newspurge: when the lights go on again

December 15, 2011 Media Monarchy 0

9/11 updates: 9/11 year in review: nyc marks 10th anniversary* proposed skyscrapers in s. korea stir up painful memories* korea’s 9/11 twin towers: what were they thinking?* sandra bullock used 9/11 memories for new drama*


12/8 newspurge: i’m in with the out crowd

December 8, 2011 Media Monarchy 1

biowars/envirohealth: fukushima 45 tonne radioactive leak ‘reaches ocean’* ‘fuel rod materials’ may have been released into ground* irradiated baby food spotlights ongoing woes for japan’s food* questions swirl around $6b new mexico nuclear lab* epa


12/1 newspurge: if we make it through december

December 1, 2011 Media Monarchy 0

biowars/envirohealth: extreme weather records in 2011, ‘bare-knuckle’ years ahead* oklahoma continues string of recent mild earthquakes* santa ana winds rattle nerves in california* ‘national level exercise’ disaster drill derailed by disasters* delegates say it’s too


11/17 newspurge: desert skies, desert lights

November 17, 2011 Media Monarchy 0

9/11 updates: as 9/11 remains are identified, grief is renewed* video: ‘family guy’ 9/11 gag: did they finally go too far this time?* penn state: college football’s 9/11* video: 9/11 pentagon debate w/ craig ranke


11/3 newspurge: this is not a test

November 3, 2011 Media Monarchy 0

biowars/envirohealth: new hole in fukushima reactor 2* japan govt confirms detection of radioactive xenon in reactor no. 2* fission detected at fukushima* under pressure from journalists, japanese mp drinks fukushima water* anti-nuclear fasting continues in