cctv: complete control takeover video

March 17, 2008 Media Monarchy 0

target creates license plate reading technology from wcco: New technology is allowing law enforcement cars to go looking for trouble. Computers now installed in cruisers automatically run license plates and alert officers to wanted drivers.


news on the march

November 8, 2007 Media Monarchy 0

army’s robotic, armed combat vehicle rolls outfrom wired: We now know that there are robotic cars smart enough to drive themselves around a city. The next step: give those vehicles automatic weapons, of course… Last


‘death of a president’

October 19, 2007 Media Monarchy 0

today marks the date in which the film ‘death of a president‘ portrays president bush as being assassinated…. from wikipedia: Death of a President is a fictional documentary about the assassination of 43rd U.S. President


homegrown terrorists or dupes?

October 4, 2007 Media Monarchy 0

from sun-sentinel: The charges were stunning: Seven men accused of trying to join forces with al-Qaida to blow up the FBI headquarters in Miami Beach and the Sears Tower in Chicago. On closer examination, however,