#Newspurge: Into The Fire

July 19, 2012 mediamonarchy@gmail.com 0

Econocrash: Video: Billions Spent Destroying and Rebuilding Elsewhere as Infrastructure Crumbles At Home* The Valid Value of Money – National Vitality* Video: Why the Justice Department doesn’t catch banksters, terrorists and other enemies of the


#Newspurge: March of the Meanies

March 2, 2012 mediamonarchy@gmail.com 0

9/11 Updates: Some 9/11 victims’ remains were sent to landfill* Pentagon policy memo guided 9/11 remains disposal* 9/11 joke in new Jean Dujardin film ‘cut so he could win Oscar for The Artist’* Econocrash: Michael


12/1 newspurge: if we make it through december

December 1, 2011 mediamonarchy@gmail.com 0

biowars/envirohealth: extreme weather records in 2011, ‘bare-knuckle’ years ahead* oklahoma continues string of recent mild earthquakes* santa ana winds rattle nerves in california* ‘national level exercise’ disaster drill derailed by disasters* delegates say it’s too


8/18 newspurge: pissing in the wind

August 18, 2011 mediamonarchy@gmail.com 0

biowars/envirohealth: US knew in days that fukushima had melted down* US govt considered evacuation of 90,000 US citizens in tokyo* radioactive rain in toronto as large scale govt coverup exposed* video: nrc essentially lied about