Springmeier: Feast of the Beast

December 6, 2013 Xnihilator 0

Author and esoteric researcher, Fritz Springmeier convinced of its existence, reveals secret ritual “Feast Of The Beast.”    Springmeier informs “… the Feast of the Beast is a yearlong event that occurs every 28 years and


Prince Charles of Wales Equals 666

July 13, 2013 Xnihilator 0

Prince Charles seems a traditional symbol of monarchy rule – almost out of another time?  The prevailing view, Charles will be passed over for the throne in favor of his son Prince William.  However, ruling


The True Meaning of 666

June 6, 2013 Xnihilator 0

The present writer formerly viewed Michael Jackson as simply another Hollywood/Celebrity degenerate pedophile. Views changed when onion peeled back, to learn, Jackson was mostly a victim from his earliest days! A brief but enlightening blog


gematria 101

November 8, 2011 Xnihilator 0

Gematria is Hebrew numerology, the art of finding meaning and equivalence of words and phrases through numbers. A nice intro to gematria and how it works, can be found here. You can tackle basic gematria