the devil’s 11

December 8, 2011 Terraphim 0

an opinion/analysis by zach bosart on 11/11/11 being a possible catalyst for the week of violence that erupted across the globe The date was 11/11/11. For believers in numerology, the date held significant meaning and


the twilight zone podcast: what you need

November 27, 2011 Xnihilator 0

The Twilight Zone podcast hosted by Tom Elliot, narrates excellent 37 minute episode, “What You Need”. Tim Carmichael stumbles upon a hole-in-the-wall business, catering to upper echelons of New York Society. Carmichael is drawn inside


kabbalist doctrine explains world events

April 28, 2011 HolySiv 0

from pak alert press: The Kabalist Doctrine of Destruction provides a key to understanding world events. According to the Kabbalah, which is the secret doctrine of Judaism and Freemasonry, “Evil and catastrophe [are] endemic factors