#MorningMonarchy: December 7, 2016

December 7, 2016 mediamonarchy@gmail.com 0

Something about pizza, toxic armories and the future of farming + this day in history w/”A date which will live in infamy” and our song of the day by Robyn Hitchcock on your Morning Monarchy for December 7, 2016.


Melangell: Welsh Patron Saint of Hares

July 7, 2014 Vulgarian 0

from blog.prehistoricshamanism.com: Mike Williams, Ph. D. We are all probably familiar with Eostre, the Anglo-Saxon Goddess who gave her name to Easter and is often associated with hares – the original Easter bunnies. But today


Egyptian Papyrus Found in Ancient Irish Bog

September 16, 2013 Vulgarian 0

from phys.org: From 2010: “Irish scientists have found fragments of Egyptian papyrus in the leather cover of an ancient book of psalms that was unearthed from a peat bog, Ireland’s National Museum said on Monday.