#MorningMonarchy: February 24, 2017

February 24, 2017 Media Monarchy 0

Thought control, Oscars so what and CERN-inspired psych rock + this day in history w/Grey Tuesday and our song of the day by His Name Is Alive on your Morning Monarchy for February 24, 2017.


Large water reserve in Kenya discovered

September 10, 2013 Media Monarchy 0

from bubblews.com: Recently it has been revealed that a large aquifer has been discovered in Kenya. More than 300 metres underground, there is so much water there it could potentially serve Kenya’s needs for 70


obamessiah & the apostles of war: troops, tech, tv & more

October 16, 2009 Media Monarchy 0

obama approved 13k more troops to afghanistan*obama vows to allow open gays into military service*video: gay-rights marchers ‘divided on obama’*obama loosens missile technology controls to china*flashback: kenyan-born obama all set for US senate*gallup: obama poll