media monarchy episode074

episode074 of media monarchy features oregon terrordrills, death of dc madam, nuking china, cloak of protection, cultists, clusterbombs & carbines, wright & man-made aids, checkpoint evolution, chernobyl, music by sons & daughters and tons more…


media monarchy episode073

April 25, 2008 mediamonarchy@gmail.com 0

episode073 of media monarchy features torch team, bluebeam, bum bot, crooked cop, jimmy justice, virtual fence, zio-spy, vet suicide, thoughtcrime, trojan taco, pentaganda, pope, sudden impact, sextapes, music by john davis and tons more… download/digg/stream/subscribepra/revere/myspace/archive


media monarchy episode072

April 18, 2008 mediamonarchy@gmail.com 0

episode072 of media monarchy features transit taser, oklahoma sex slaves, nanotech, norad, netanyahu & ahmadinejad on 9/11, gun grabbing, dc madam, food riots, plum island, robots & rex84, music by portishead and tons more… download/digg/stream/subscribepra/revere/myspace/archive


media monarchy episode071

April 11, 2008 mediamonarchy@gmail.com 0

episode071 of media monarchy features ssri school shooters, phone(y terror) alerts, 9/11 lawyers, lies, remains & appeals, absolut raza, flame protection unit, lie detectors & zombie computers, music by charles manson and tons more… download/digg/stream/subscribepra/revere/myspace/archive


media monarchy episode070

April 4, 2008 mediamonarchy@gmail.com 0

episode070 of media monarchy features mlk+40, torture yoo, oliver stone, border drone, digital angel, fusion centers & animal rfid, 9/11 ventura, mukasey, specter & olson, dea, fbi & cia corruption, music by dion and tons


media monarchy episode069

March 28, 2008 mediamonarchy@gmail.com 0

episode069 of media monarchy features carlyle, comcast, killer karolina kops, suicide bots, huxley, tibet, taiwan, icbm, nwa, miami drones, shock bracelets, 2nd gun, 9/11 silverstein & operation dark winter, music by ministry and tons more…


media monarchy episode068

March 21, 2008 mediamonarchy@gmail.com 0

episode068 of media monarchy features bloody anniversaries: iraq, my lai & rachel corrie. practice bombs, pandemics, desensitization, cctv, 9/11 books bombs & beliefs, emmanuel goldstein & no name maddox, music by spike jones and tons


media monarchy episode067

March 14, 2008 mediamonarchy@gmail.com 0

episode067 of media monarchy features terrordrills, new world airport, economic collapse, gulf war illness, prison industrial complex, exit: spitzer, fallon & enter: foreign troops, bali bomber, borderwars, music by immortal technique and tons more… download/digg/stream/subscribe


media monarchy episode066

March 7, 2008 mediamonarchy@gmail.com 0

episode066 of media monarchy features cotillard & puppygate, topoff5 & times square bomb, cyber storm II & project shad, blue brain, entheogens & moloch, food vaccine & fed crises, uss 9/11, music by the raveonettes


media monarchy episode065

March 1, 2008 mediamonarchy@gmail.com 0

episode065 of media monarchy features cloudseeding, b2 crash, billboard liberation, 9/11 contradictions, proquad, prozac, dupont, doomsday, robotwars, saic, l-rad, nau, warships, watchlists & wargames, music by klaxons and tons more… download/digg/stream/subscribe media monarchy is originally


media monarchy episode064

February 23, 2008 mediamonarchy@gmail.com 0

episode064 of media monarchy features belgrade, birdflu, wikileaks, castro, sonar & scientology, beijing, buffet & blackwater, mumia, mi6, nazi treasure & the spy sat psyop, music by don henley and tons more… download/stream/subscribe media monarchy


media monarchy episode063

February 16, 2008 mediamonarchy@gmail.com 0

episode063 of media monarchy features jfk’s son & man-made floods, biometric borders & wv/dc spycams, ‘earth-shattering’ chertoff & 9/11 damages, urban warfare drills, music by delgados and tons more… download/stream/subscribe media monarchy is originally broadcast


media monarchy episode062

February 9, 2008 mediamonarchy@gmail.com 0

episode062 of media monarchy features germlabs & internet weapons, hg wells & new gold rush, cable cut fever & the super bread & circus bowl, bpa & biometrics, 9/11 foreknowledge, memorials & lies, music by


media monarchy episode061

February 1, 2008 mediamonarchy@gmail.com 0

episode061 of media monarchy features psyops & panopticons, sibel & cyberstorm, china, chavez & central banks, clean flix & blue haze, katrina cancer, fluoride, aspartame & anthrax, music by wall street traitors and tons more…


media monarchy episode060

January 25, 2008 mediamonarchy@gmail.com 0

episode060 of media monarchy features paul in & hunter thompson kucinich out, rummy & realID, provocateurs & propaganda, fluoride & fema, tv tax & riaa hacks, oliver stone & ewan cameron, music by brmc and