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animal farms get bigger & bigger

January 2, 2011 Media Monarchy 0

from allgov: The last two decades witnessed the continued disappearance of small- and medium-sized farms, thanks to the ever-expanding presence of corporate-owned “factory” farms, according to Food and Water Watch. In a new report, the

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ufo crash at aztec, nm

December 21, 2010 Media Monarchy 0

The relatively unknown Aztec, NM UFO crash on March 25, 1948 is every bit as interesting as Roswell. Scott Ramsey, ufo researcher, provides riveting information in “Aztec 1948 Hoax or Hidden Truth?” video documentary. You

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may clearinghouse

June 1, 2008 Media Monarchy 0

policestate2008real life ministry of love is being built*26 yrs after gibson, pentagon defines ‘cyberspace’*comcast is hiring an internet snoop for the feds*US: possible gov’t laptop breach?*mega corp lawsuit against youtube threatens internet freedom*air force aims


new mexico to legalize medical marijuana

March 17, 2007 Media Monarchy 0

from ap/msnbc: Democratic Gov. Bill Richardson, poised to sign a bill making New Mexico the 12th state to legalize medical marijuana, said Thursday he realizes his action could become an issue in the presidential race.