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#DataDump: Rules, Reality and more

July 20, 2012 0

First Newspapers, Now TV: The Internet Reformation Rolls On* Cisco Home Routers Rule Change Forces Users Onto New Cloud Service with Extreme Rules* Porn Studios Accused of Screwing Their Fans in BitTorrent Lawsuits* Kim Dotcom’s


#Newspurge: Rising Sun Blues

June 1, 2012 0

Econocrash: Rockefellers and Rothschilds Unite: Two of the world’s greatest family dynasties, are pooling their vast resources* Keynesianism & Eugenics* A History of Bank Runs* Euro Near a 2-Year Low; #EU Calls for a ‘Banking


#MediaMemes: Hunger Game, Throne Change

March 14, 2012 0

Could Will You Survive the ‘Hunger Games’?* Hunger Games gets minor edits for UK release* Third Horse’s Death Forces HBO’s ‘Luck’ To Suspend Production With Animals* Update: HBO’s ‘Luck’ canceled after 3rd horse dies* HBO’s