ground zero: one nation under guard

July 5, 2010 Media Monarchy 2

thanks to zero point radio for new ground zero archives! from clyde lewis: Another 4th of July is upon us and while I have fond memories of the day, sadly it’s becoming more like Christmas.


ground zero: ritualistic warfare

March 8, 2010 Media Monarchy 1

support ground zero & purchase this episode for $1! from clyde lewis: The end times have arrived. That is of course if you believe what some people are saying in Chile. The 8.8 earthquake didn’t


cult rapture: waiting for the end of the world

February 17, 2010 Media Monarchy 2

virginia legislature bans microchip implants as ‘mark of the beast’ from allgov: Requiring individuals to have medical implants placed under their skin isn’t just a potential violation of someone’s civil rights – it’s downright satanic.


obamessiah & the apostles of war: troops, tech, tv & more

October 16, 2009 Media Monarchy 0

obama approved 13k more troops to afghanistan*obama vows to allow open gays into military service*video: gay-rights marchers ‘divided on obama’*obama loosens missile technology controls to china*flashback: kenyan-born obama all set for US senate*gallup: obama poll