#Newspurge: Cream and Bastards Rise

March 29, 2012 Media Monarchy 0

Econocrash: #MegaMillions Jackpot soars to largest ever!* $540M lottery has states anticipating tax jackpot* Video: Experts warn potential winners of big money risks* Video: The Ridiculist – Mega Millions* Bernanke Claims Fed Averted Second Great


ground zero: nuclear winter, cold war 2.0 & more

November 21, 2011 Media Monarchy 1

listen/subscribe to @clydelewis on @kxlnews weeknights 9-12 demonalatry* ground zero tv: nov18 – changeling* exposing a cambion* ground zero tv: nov21 – cambion scars* bracing for nuclear winter* ground zero tv: nov23 – cold war


ground zero: necro-nuptials, birther boogie & more

April 19, 2011 Media Monarchy 3

listen/subscribe to ground zero on kxl weeknights 9-midnight necro-nuptials: myth of virgin queen/corpse bride embedded in royal wedding of will & kate* updates: birther’s butt boogie* deadly gyre: the electric vortex anomaly* you wouldn’t believe


12/2 newspurge: watch us explode

December 2, 2010 Media Monarchy 0

econocrash updates: iceland faring better than ireland after letting banks fail* fed employee pay freeze proposed to control deficit* unemployment checks to 2m will stop without action* new data: foreign banks biggest recipients of fed