#MorningMonarchy: May 3, 2018

May 3, 2018 Media Monarchy 0

Violent surges, historical offenses and Malthusian movies + this day in history w/the Garland, Texas attack and our song of the day by Beach House on your Morning Monarchy for May 3, 2018.


#MorningMonarchy: February 23, 2017

February 23, 2017 Media Monarchy 0

Firing up HAARP, normalizing cannibalism and reading three letters + this day in history w/Iwo Jima and our song of the day by Jens Lekman on your Morning Monarchy for February 23, 2017.


#MorningMonarchy: April 21, 2016

April 21, 2016 Media Monarchy 0

Back-up torches, Manson family values & grave dancers union + this day in history w/Tiananmen Square and our song of the day by Mike & The Melvins on your Morning Monarchy for April 21, 2016.


Occult Death Series: Whitney Houston

October 9, 2013 Xnihilator 0

Public events with occult overtones like Madonna’s 2012 Super Bowl halftime performance, resembling more an occult ceremony than anything, makes revisiting – celebrity deaths – imperative. How much does a person need to be slapped


Blood Sacrifice to the Fire God

April 23, 2012 Xnihilator 0

Spring festivals are in the air and so are important occult dates. Advent of Deception provides a summary of dates from April 19-May 1. The present writer accepts critical period as time to focus attention,

No Picture

The Whitney Houston Sacrifice Exposed

March 14, 2012 Xnihilator 0

Truth777Exposed provides viewers opportunity to fill in blanks on plausible conspiracy theory. The suspected murder of Whitney Houston allows for the puzzling together of many known reports into a storyline that may approach the truth.


original offering found at teotihuacan pyramid

December 16, 2011 Loomings 0

from ap: Archaeologists announced Tuesday that they dug to the very core of Mexico’s tallest pyramid and found what may be the original ceremonial offering placed on the site of the Pyramid of the Sun