#MorningMonarchy: September 11, 2017

September 11, 2017 Media Monarchy 0

Catalyzing events, a new dry run and points of contention + this day in history w/another 9/11 and our song of the day by Roy Shivers on your Morning Monarchy for September 11, 2017.


#MorningMonarchy: February 20, 2017

February 20, 2017 Media Monarchy 0

The untouchables, using uranium and Blackwater Air + this day in history w/the Great White fire and our song of the day by Lana Del Rey on your Morning Monarchy for February 20, 2017.


America: A Deteriorating Nation of Denial & Apathy

June 9, 2014 Vulgarian 0

from boilingfrogspost.com: As the unending back-to-back scandals unfold, from the arrest and prosecution of courageous truth-tellers (aka whistleblowers), to the illegal wiretapping of all Americans, torture, indefinite detentions, the groping and handling of travelers, utilizing


#PoliceStateUpdates: Prepare for a Noisy Morning

May 17, 2012 Media Monarchy 0

Government Admits Naked Body Scanners Huge Waste of Money* Homeland Security Concedes Airport Body Scanner ‘Vulnerabilities’* Video: TSA tried to cover up $184 million in wasteful spending* Suspicious package delays flights at Hartsfield-Jackson as agents


9/11 updates: threats, crash, catch & release

March 25, 2010 Media Monarchy 0

dead osama says americans will die if ksm is executed* pentagon front intelcenter release another dubious osama tape* secret coded indicator in 9/11 hijackers’ passports: ‘holy capital’?* 7:30am: gate agent asks if atta’s luggage has


corbett report: episode121 – know your toxins: bpa

March 14, 2010 Media Monarchy 2

from corbett report: While the corporate-controlled environmental movement is worrying about life-giving CO2, our modern environment is awash in gender-bending, endocrine-disrupting, sterility-inducing chemicals. This week we examine one of those chemicals that are permeating our