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12/22 defcon: planets, tweets & patents

December 22, 2011 0

2 earth-size planets discovered orbiting star* darpa’s new spy satellite could provide real-time video from anywhere on earth* taliban, US military waging war via twitter: report* twitter use by shabab in somalia incites US* apple


9/11 updates: osama, october, opinions

October 21, 2010 0

video: bin laden being protected by pakistani intelligence!* october surprise: nato official says bin laden, deputy hiding in northwest pakistan* video: ahmadinejad calls for 9/11 investigation* maritime union of australia sec kevin bracken calls 9/11


5/27 newspurge: wake up the nation

May 27, 2010 1

9/11 updates: former cia officials admit to faking bin laden video* top construction firm: wtc destroyed by controlled demolition* gop: US can’t afford to fund health ‘entitlement program’ for 9/11 rescue workers* study finds more