#PopOcculture: Drowning In the Waves

April 19, 2012 mediamonarchy@gmail.com 0

#TitanicMemes: Human Remains Possibly Found in #Titanic Shipwreck* PDF: Women More Likely to Die in Ship Disasters than Men* Video: San Francisco Yacht Accident – Coast Guard Calls Off Search For Missing Racers* Killer swan


Episode254 – Shipbuilding

April 13, 2012 @PumpUpThaVolume 1

“Looks like history’s repeating itself” on Media Monarchy: Episode254 – Shipbuilding w/ Trayvon Manson and Titanic Tax Day – GSA, AIPAC whore and ‘The King Alfred Plan’ + CISPA, sellouts and robots in Cyber/SpaceWar –


Episode253 – Victim Sync

April 6, 2012 mediamonarchy@gmail.com 1

“Raise our voice, make another sound, All in good time, we will come around” on Episode253 from Media Monarchy w/ The Championship, Manson mug and ‘A Night to Remember’ – MDNA clones, drones, government nig


Episode251 – Since I Left You

March 23, 2012 mediamonarchy@gmail.com 1

“I wish we’d all been ready” for Episode251 and the triumphant return of Media Monarchy w/ Bigmouth, Rainy Jane and the Whitney movie madmen – Meanies, greed, Breitbart, birthers and PDX powder – Patience, Enterprise