12/8 newspurge: i’m in with the out crowd

December 8, 2011 mediamonarchy@gmail.com 1

biowars/envirohealth: fukushima 45 tonne radioactive leak ‘reaches ocean’* ‘fuel rod materials’ may have been released into ground* irradiated baby food spotlights ongoing woes for japan’s food* questions swirl around $6b new mexico nuclear lab* epa


11/3 newspurge: this is not a test

November 3, 2011 mediamonarchy@gmail.com 0

biowars/envirohealth: new hole in fukushima reactor 2* japan govt confirms detection of radioactive xenon in reactor no. 2* fission detected at fukushima* under pressure from journalists, japanese mp drinks fukushima water* anti-nuclear fasting continues in


9/15 newspurge: ritual union

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biowars/envirohealth: obama white house monitored huge loan to ‘connected’ firm* house probing $528m solar loan fail* video: energy dept hearing on solyndra* bush admin pushed solyndra loan guarantee for two years* video: role of white


jesus, bombs & ice cream

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from beliefblog: An unlikely pairing took to the stage Saturday in front of a sold out audience at World Café Live to promote peace and ice cream. Philadelphia-based Christian author and activist Shane Claiborne partnered

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august newspurge: is that all there is?

September 1, 2011 mediamonarchy@gmail.com 1

9/11 updates: chronology of major terrorist attacks since sept 11, 2001* who – and what – are behind the ‘official history’ of the bin laden raid?* biowars/envirohealth: Fukushima mom comes to Portland: “10-year-old son started


8/18 newspurge: pissing in the wind

August 18, 2011 mediamonarchy@gmail.com 0

biowars/envirohealth: US knew in days that fukushima had melted down* US govt considered evacuation of 90,000 US citizens in tokyo* radioactive rain in toronto as large scale govt coverup exposed* video: nrc essentially lied about