1/27 Newspurge: Fight the Future

9/11 updates:
Telegraph: UN human rights official claims 9/11 was US plot*
11 staffers of 9/11 memorial make more than $170k a year*
More FOIA video: “As the bombs were going, I sat & watched a few of them explode”*

Federal research center will help develop medicines*
Federal research center will help develop medicinesWakefield demands retraction after docs prove innocence*
Scientists fear MMR link to autism*
GM mosquitoes in Malaysia sparks fears of uncontrollable species*
FBI investigating ‘mystery substance’ in Ohio home*

Medical marijuana soft drink on the way!: 12oz bottle of soda pot for $15*
2 Cali kids hospitalized after eating pot cookie*
Pot-firing catapult found at Arizona/Mexico border; launched 4.4 pounds at a time*

Lincoln document was altered, archives says*
Lincoln document was altered, archives sayswoman kidnapped in 1987 reunites with ny family*

J-Hud blasts illuminati rumors*
Occult interpretation of ‘Black Swan’ & show business*
‘Red State’ premiere sparks protests & media circus*
Olbermann leaving MSNBC: Maher tells Maddow it’s b.s.*
Sportsball ratings highest in 24yrs!*
Video: Fitness guru Jack Lalanne dead at 96*
Hollywood has a woman problem*
Video: ‘Social network,’ ‘King’s speech’ lead Oscars nominations*

Police struck by unusual wave of deadly violence:
at least 11 cops shot in 24hrs*
Video: Washington Wal-mart shooting leaves 2 dead, 2 deputies hurt*
Police name suspect in shooting of Oregon officer*
Video: FBI asks for help on backpack bomb in Washington*

Oregon oddities:
‘An unfair, money-grubbing big brother tool’:
Red light camera ballot challenges spread in Pacific Northwest

Oregon’s largest earthquake drill shook on jan26*
Woman dies in lobby of Sherwood police station; foul play not suspected*
UFO sighting signature ‘sri yantra’ first found in Oregon, now worldwide; more to come in UFO leaks?*

WV Worry:
EPA was right to reject mountaintop removal*
Report says WV ranks 4th for mercury emissions*

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