10 sci-fi predictions that came true

10 sci-fi predictions that came trueTruth is stranger than fiction,10 Sc-Fi Predictions That Came True only supports the notion. Moon Landing predicted by Jules Verne more than 100 years before the moonwalk in his novel, From the Earth to the Moon.” The InnovationsNewsDaily article observes, “according to Jules Verne’s story…, the first mission to the moon was launched in December from a base in Florida. The crew consisted of three men who were seated in a large capsule constructed almost entirely from aluminum. After their moonwalk, Verne’s crew lands in the Pacific Ocean and is picked up by a U.S. Navy ship. Sound familiar?”

Jules Verne’s ship named Columbiad and NASA’s Columbia and referred to weighlessness in 1865! Wow! You may find the predictions exciting but a conspiratorial angle should be not be dismissed. Jules Verne was a Freemason and consider whether these were predictions, or somehow, preordained and predestined by the Order? Columbia is just a popular name? Florida launch site an overwhelming probability? You can listen to this amazing story, which influenced both space pioneers Hermann Oberth and Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, on free mp3 download here–thanks to Librivox.

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