1,000 free flu shots to be given in 3 hours for drill

1,000 free flu shots to be given in 3 hours for drillfrom arizona republic: Chandler health officials are asking residents to roll down their car windows and roll up their sleeves for an emergency terrorism drill that will test the efficiency of mass drive-through vaccinations.

The first drill of it’s kind at Chandler Regional Medical Center will involve 100 hospital personnel administering flu vaccines to adults through car windows, said Kimberly Day, a spokeswoman for Chandler Regional Medical Center.

The incentive for patients: free flu vaccines. The goal for health officials: give 1,000 shots in three hours to simulate the need for a mass vaccination in the event of a bio-terrorism attack or naturally-caused outbreak.

“Every city state and county government has an emergency operations plan,” said said Kerry Cassens, a registered nurse with occupational health with the city. “This is a partnership with Chandler Regional and the city to test our ability to respond should there be a need for mass vaccination.”

The Oct. 27 flu drill will follow the largest ever nationwide terrorism drill based at Chandler’s Crowne Plaza San Marcos Golf Resort next week, but the “drive-flu” event is separate from the federal authorities’ drill, Cassens said.

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