10/20 newspurge: everybody’s talking ’bout the stormy weather

just hours before the real thing in east bay,
millions participate in statewide quake drill

second quake jolts bay area*
series of earthquakes strike big island of hawaii*
earthquake shakes south texas*
US, mexico to install quake sensors in two border city areas*
palm beach, fl confirms first dengue fever case*
video: albino cyclops shark is real, skeptics still not satisfied*

history/mystery: dynasts of the daily press –
‘the magnificent medills: america’s royal family of journalism during a century of turbulent splendor’

dynasts of the daily press - 'the magnificent medills: america's royal family of journalism during a century of turbulent splendor'historic seattle uptown theater is back & better than ever*
oct20, 1977: lynyrd skynyrd’s plane crashes*

sonic youth’s kim gordon & thurston moore split after 27rs of marriage;

group’s future uncertain after current tour*
video: sonic youth ‘teenage riot’*
morgue turns lilo away for being late to community service*
from von trier’s end-times film to caustic visions from polanski, cronenberg, almodovar – nyff’s year of apocalypse*
edgar m. villchur, hi-fi innovator, dies at 94*
the onion’s twitter posts draw scrutiny*
onion story on capitol hill hostages sparks probe*
video: congress takes group of schoolchildren hostage*

wild, exotic animals escape farm as owner found dead*

“like noah’s ark wrecking”: exotic animals free run ends in tragedy*
indy 500 champion dan wheldon dies in 15-car indycar crash at age of 33*
drivers had safety concerns about racetrack*
thieves inspired by movie ‘the town’ use bleach to cover up dna in crimes*
amish renegades accused in bizarre hair-cutting attacks on ohio peers*
5 foreign nationals in custody after attempted break-in at texas courthouse*
man on southwest flight allegedly tries to break into cockpit*
seattle superhero dodges assault charges*
detroit’s real-life ‘batman’ must hang up tights*
china: people ignore dying child run over by 2 different vehicles*
US leads developed world in child abuse death rate*

obamessiah updates:
biden evokes violent, sexual imagery again in jobs bill push*

lorry with obama’s lectern, teleprompter stolen, recovered*
corporate-funded think tanks host gop debate; seeking best rep. for corporate sponsors*
did herman cain base his 9-9-9 tax plan on ‘simcity 4’?*
video: ron paul’s plan balances budget in 3yrs*

wv worry:
forgetting his own family background,
sen rockefeller calls gadhafi ‘cruel & violent tyrant’

video: excessive force allegations against 3 officers in harrison co.*
morgan co. man shot by police files federal lawsuit*
video: parkersburg police sgt. placed on leave pending investigation*
jerry west reveals childhood beatings on hbo special*
third lawsuit filed against ‘all good music festival’ in preston co.*

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