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10/28 newspurge: red right hand

video: 'building what?' tv ad to air on election day in nyc9/11 updates:
video: 'building what?' tv ad to air on election day in nyc*
thedarklegacy.com: john hankey on 9/11 & the jfk connection*
911blogger.com accused of working for the other side?*
roseanne barr for 9/11 truth*
video: uncovered 9/11 footage shows fbi director asking firefighters about 'secondary hits' on wtc*

reappearance of huge oil plumes makes it hard to pretend problem has disappeared*
allegheny county bioterrorism lab opens*
quadruple-dose seasonal flu 'super' vaccine now being aggressively pushed onto senior citizens*
glaxo to pay $750m over tainted & ineffective drugs*
united nations urged to freeze geoengineering projects* update: united nations' convention on biological diversity bans geoengineering
video: 'what in the world are they spraying?'*

insider selling volume at highest level ever tracked*
fabian society's london school of economics predicts 'savage austerity' for US*
30 reasons why people should be getting really nervous about the state of US economy*
video: 99 weeks - when unemployment benefits run out*
janitors w ph.d.s: why we're spending way too much on higher education*
schools open lockers to advertising*
US falls in annual corruption survey*
video: tarpley says US exports depression to china*

afghan president admits receiving 'bags of cash' from iran*
cia ghost osama threatens france on new audio tape*

from protester to senator, fbi tracked paul wellstone*
video: fbi files on wellstone give new details on threats against him*
audio satire: archaeologist tired of unearthing unspeakable, ancient evils*

holy hexes:
do politicians need prayers?
o'donnell, obama, & others say 'amen'

christine o'donnell says prayer impacts her polls*
opinion: is the tea party becoming a religious movement?*
video: satanists' event in oklahoma draws christian protest*
copycat effect: devil sighting causes 11 to jump from paris window*
french 'satanic defenestration' story thrown out the window? reuters downplays satanic connections*
mystery skulls mailed to byu history department*
radio host, witch doctor try to curse lebron james*

actor randy quaid fears he's on a 'death list' of stars*
actor randy quaid fears he's on a 'death list' of starskanye jokes about illuminati rumors*
lady gaga hits a billion youtube views*
'zombies' invade nyc morning rush-hour*
fox may sue cablevision as blackout continues*

crime comeback: 12 statistics make you wonder what's happening to US*
new york murder rate soars*
ex-soccer coach accused of sex assault found dead*
murder/suicide: death on huff mountain, wv*

obamessiah updates:
american election devolves into brutality & fraud*
jack conway tips off asst. prosecutor/brother about being investigated by police for drug trafficking*
stomping of moveon activist at rand paul event: staged incident?*
white house media whores caught in rand paul 'stomping' coverup*
conn. judge says wwe fans can wear garb to polls*
democrat election fraud openly running rampant*
touch-screens now flipping votes in nc – from gop to dem*
obama appearance & rally confirm jon stewart's reach*
is jon stewart more influential than president obama?*
obama visits india's tech sector while america's economy crumbles*
obama uses ashcroft supreme court case to advance white house immunity*
a 'citizens united' conspiracy – were supreme court justices involved?*
tarpley's address to anti-obama rally at US capitol on oct23*
portland indymedia photos of obama protest on oct20*

whatever happened to the antiwar movement?*
obama admin ignored torture warnings & transferred detainees to iraqi authorities*
al-qaeda is a front group for US military-industrial complex*
US to build £8bn super base on pacific island of guam*
air force academy now welcomes spell-casters*

#PumpUpThaVolume: June 3, 2020