10/29 newspurge: mystery, media/memes & mayhem

how a girl’s stark words got lost in the polanski spectacle*
video: ‘make mine freedom’ – 1948 cold war cartoon*
castro sister ‘spied for cia’*
the lost jfk tapes: the assassination on nat geo in nov*
lies about lockerbie, 9/11 & terrorism*
video: world’s largest pyramid discovered in lost mayan city*

duping liberals the way fox dupes moderates, pacifica’s amy goodman promotes cia mind control torturer robert jay lifton*

polanski’s victim asks court to dismiss charge*
polanski rape victim asks court to drop charges*
mystery death: mac tonnies, 34*
US pilots lose licence after being lost on flight*
video: outrage as terrorist game lets players massacre civilians*
detroit mosque leader killed in fbi raids*
US synagogue shooting prompts jewish community alert*
suspect still at large in north hollywood synagogue shooting*
charged with murder, son who stabbed house raider*
shocking gang rape took place at california school dance*
2 10yr-old uk boys arrested for alleged rape of girl aged 8*
video: shots fired at lou dobbs’ home*

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