11 Points of Contention With the “Official Story of 9/11”

using the amazing resources of history commons & core of corruption, let’s look at some of the key elements surrounding the events of “the day that everything changed“… this is by no means an exhaustive list, but it should give you a general survey of some of the contradictions contained within the ‘official story of 9/11’…

jul26, 2001: attorney general john ashcroft stops
flying commercial airlines; refuses to explain why

sep20, 2001: reports on suspicious trading of companies affected by 9/11 + almost irrefutable proof of insider trading in germany

may17, 2002: multiple reports of terror threats before 9/11

jun2, 2002: intel failures surrounding the hijackers

jun4, 2002: reports of in-fighting & cia infiltration of al-qaeda

jun7, 2002: reports on nsa intercepts of
‘tomorrow is zero hour’
& ‘watch the news’

oct17, 2002: tenet misinforms congressional inquiry
about cia knowledge of hijackers’ entry into US

dec6, 2002: US investigators pressed to look into ptech

jul29, 2004: fbi letter vindicates many of
whistleblower sibel edmonds’ allegations

feb10, 2005: more reports of faa warnings,
briefs, memos & threats

sep14, 2005: reports on ‘able danger’ evidence & secret sessions

and hell, let’s throw in one more note (out of thousands), just to make it an even dozen:
oct31, 2002: reports on wtc gold that was transported,
allegedly almost stolen & then recovered

update: 50 questions on 9/11*

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