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11/18 newspurge: you should know that i’m aware

9/11 updates:
ksm may not get a trial at all:
alleged 9/11 plotter may simply be left to military custody*

ksm may not get a trial at all: alleged 9/11 plotter may simply be left to military custodyevidence for 'informed trading' on 9/11*
audio: ed asner talks 9/11 w/ adam carolla*
video: geraldo & success of 'building what?'*

video: arizona 15th state to approve medical marijuana*
nz protesters bomb police station with cart full of burning cannabis*

'building a north american community':
US super spy center uncovered in mexico

US super spy center uncovered in mexicon korean to attack g20 with bio-terror balloons!*
germany mobilizes forces to respond to 'terrorism'*
after fbi visit, aipac staffer called israeli embassy*
thelogicofmyth.com's plan of action on lisbon treaty*

holy hexes:
catholic bishops: more exorcists needed!*
catholic clergy confer on exorcism rite*
obama signs executive order clarifying church-state relationship*
hr6216: adl's "don't criticize israel bill"*

neuromarketing: ads that whisper to the brain*
bristol palin psyop: man shoots tv over bristol palin dance*
audio: hollywood & mkultra with esoteric kitten*
arizona sheriff arpaio forms armed 'immigration posse' with hollywood actors*
'call of duty: black ops' shows good guys using torture*
defense contractor makes 'iron man' suit*
forbidden apple: itunes finally selling beatles music*
meet george soros: unfortunately, glenn beck is right*
rockefeller would like to take fox, msnbc off air*
death threats phoned to casting directors*
another hollywood death: ronni chasen*
'invaders' creator talks of murdered sister*
theory emerges about hollywood publicist's murder*
video: slaying of publicist baffles police, hollywood*

ohio police find bodies of trio stuffed in hollowed out tree*
jury in chandra levy murder trial resume deliberations*
3 arrested over indonesian ringtone mayhem*

obamessiah updates:
olbermann urges obama to rule like a dictator*
olbermann urges obama to rule like a dictatorpodesta: obama can use 'armed forces' to push progressive agenda*
hispanic lawmakers seek dream act vote for amnesty*
rangel found guilty of ethics violations*
obama hasn't granted a single pardon, nearing modern record*

'you call me evil, but unfortunately for you i'm a necessary evil':
'merchant of death' viktor bout extradited to US*
obama envoy secretly promised to keep troops in iraq after 2011, iraqi intel official says*
council on foreign relations confirms US longer stay in afghanistan*
US to leave afghanistan in 2011 2014 never*
US supreme court keeps military gay ban in place - for now*
the pentagon would take $100b hit*
last surviving US/uk wwi vets: a pacifist & an activist*
animal shelter kills war hero dog*
missing military jet 'believed to be crashed,' pentagon says*
prince william surprises troops in afghanistan*
prince william's fiancee has famous relatives*
how prince william & kate middleton are related thanks to tudor tyrant*

wv worry:
sarah palin polling well in west virginia*
jennifer garner naming six 'save the children' sites in wv*
video: drugs in southern west virginia*

#PumpUpThaVolume: September 18, 2020