1/14 newspurge: attention duped masses

9/11 updates:
video: interview w/ anthony shaffer of ‘able danger’*
interview w/ anthony shaffer of 'able danger'german business journal questions 9/11 – “we do not believe you!”*
obama staffer wants ‘cognitive infiltration’ of 9/11 conspiracy groups*
palin thought saddam hussein was behind 9/11*
ship made with wtc steel already broken*
fiancee doreen noone wins battle over 9/11 firefighter’s pension*
video: bbc conspiracy files: osama bin laden dead or alive*
too big to allow: some unmentioned ramifications of 9/11 truth*

video: 9/11 truth is a challenge to the peace movement*

video: morehead city, nc port shut down over explosives leak*
morehead city, nc port shut down over explosives leakbiowarfare drill begins on massive scale in israel*
terror threat to city water: dc aqueduct switching poisons*
pravda: sheep gives dead birth to human-faced lamb in turkey*
geoengineering conference to discuss blocking sun*
video: john coleman on climate change*
video: copenhagen summit turned junket?*
farmers dig-in heels against cap & trade*
eu carbon traitors charged with money laundering in fraud case*
30yr study shows childhood lead exposure contributes to adult criminal behavior*
kenya’s trial hiv vaccine leaves 46 infected with hiv*
uk ministers ‘preparing to offload millions of unwanted vaccines’*
truckloads of unused swine flu vaccine in US*
2 camc workers fired in wv after refusing flu vaccine*
a nudge towards sobriety & health?*

drugwar update:
cali judge makes highway patrol return 60lbs of pot to owner*
10 most successful potheads cool enough to admit it*

amdocs bids in indonesia project – as a US company, not israeli:
US told indo’s comm ministry that the company is US
bomb kills professor in tehran*
report says 225,000 haiti children work as slaves*

grisly skull & bones trophies to be auctioned*
grisly skull & bones trophies to be auctionedbritain apologizes to thalidomide victims – 50yrs later*
video: war is theft*

watching hours of tv daily could shorten your life*
cia & hollywood, strange bedfellows they are not: an offer they couldn’t refuse*
oliver stone’s ‘secret history’ to put hitler ‘in context’*
audiences experience ‘avatar’ blues*
video: depressed after ‘avatar’?*
vatican slams ‘avatar’: promotes nature worship over religion*
video: ‘living in the end times’ w/ slavoj zizek*
scotiabank now canada’s biggest publisher*
people of earth‘: conan says he won’t host ‘tonight’ after leno*
leno set to return to ‘tonight;’ nbc willing to let o’brien leave network*
video: ventura investigates the govt’s 2012 apocalypse conspiracy*

panic, looting & triage after major haiti quake*
panic, looting & triage after major haiti quakevideo: 100s of 1000s feared dead*
pat robertson says ancient haitians’ ‘pact with the devil’ caused earthquake*
1000s feared dead in haiti earthquake*
video: naomi klein issues haiti disaster capitalism alert: stop them before they shock again*
haiti in ruins: needs urgent & massive help*
haiti’s history of military coups & reasons for extreme poverty*
video: evidence of dogs’ 6th-sense as k9 bolts before quake strikes US office block*
haitian quake 35x more powerful than atomic bomb*
US halts deportations to haiti*
food security collapses in haiti as machete-wielding gangs fight in the streets*
video: haiti begins burying earthquake dead in mass graves*
haiti earthquake: corpses used as roadblocks as anger grows*
US military moves in troops, ships to aid quake-hit haiti*
limbaugh & robertson under fire for remarks about earthquake in haiti*

other notes of mayhem:
‘doomsday clock’ moves a minute back*
'doomsday clock' moves a minute backhandling of ft hood shooting suspect could bring discipline*
town ‘terribly shocked’: 19 child-sex charges for kansas police chief*
2 dead in lawrence cty, ohio shooting*
minnesota man tried to stab his brother*
video: ‘brazen’ midday shooting shocks ceres, cali*
trucker crashes on oregon’s i5 after choking on chicken*
fatal gunplay in maine sex dungeon leads to trial*
fmr shepherd university professor murdered by son in wv*

obamessiah updates:
obama promises state of the union address won’t interfere with ‘lost’ season opener*
gibbs: state of the union won’t coincide with premiere of ‘lost’*
obama going on 6 months without a press conference*
george w. obama*
obama uses new tactic to ignore laws*
what happened to obama’s ‘govt transparency’ pledge?*
torture continues under obama, creating more terrorists & further destabilizing economy*
video: 3rd white house party crasher says he was invited*
obama received $20m from healthcare industry in ’08 campaign*
as mascot & martyr, sarah palin debuts on fox news*
obama wants record $708b for wars next year*
obama wants record $708b for wars next yearvideo: ‘green jobs’ go to prisoners*
obama advisor promotes ‘cognitive infiltration’ of conspiracy theorists*
sunstein advocated removing people’s organs without explicit consent*

US to store $800m in military gear in israel*
iran blames USrael mercs in assassination of nuke scientist*
blackwater/xe mercs arrive in somalia, al-shabab says*
2 former blackwater guards charged with afghan murder*
top US intel officer: afghan insurgency can sustain itself indefinitely*
ft hood troops ordered to afghanistan*
phony general admits to phony medals*
how a plugged-in dc think tank published a general’s brutal intel critique*
army charges mom who refused deployment*
guantanamo guard reunited with ex-inmates*
a sign of empire pathology: more US military suicides than afghaniraq combat deaths*
US veterans committing suicide at higher rate*
scott ritter charged in child-sex sting*

a final note from un[redacted] news:
connecting the dots: 2009 – the year in review

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