11/4 newspurge: watch the world argue with itself

9/11 updates:
chomsky admits no evidence al-qaeda carried out 9/11*
chomsky admits no evidence al-qaeda carried out 9/11so-called alternative media are a bunch of wannabe msm cowards?*
kevin ryan: 9/11 & the national debt*
company accuses medical examiner’s office of stealing 9/11 secrets*

gulf still loaded with chemicals, but fda says seafood safe to eat*
halliburton knew cement used in failed gulf well was unstable, panel finds*
giant sinkhole opens in germany*
will US patent office end gene patent enslavement of the human race?*
more than 5m lbs of chemical agent destroyed at umatilla*
head of mi6 warns of biological chemical weapons*
israel prepares for biological/chemical attacks*

cops find 1,800ft drug tunnel in mexifornia*
cops find 1,800ft drug tunnel in mexiforniazach galifianakis’ prop 19 joint was just a prop*
video: guns & weed – the road to freedom*

cia ‘misconduct’ found in 2001 peru plane crash*
william broe dead at 97; oversaw cia efforts to oust allende*
indiana legislators want to defund kinsey institute*
good news: west memphis 3 to get new hearing*
audio: ex-fbi agent says oswald was a patsy*
bush thought about taking cheney off ’04 ticket*
bush: kanye’s katrina comment lowest point of presidency*
video: otto reich’s legacy of media propaganda*

holy hexes:
oklahomans vote against sharia law*
beliefnet ‘fun facts’ from the election*
obama’s god gap*
ghosts & goblins: many americans are believers*
atlanta pastor, in response to suits, denies sex allegations*

godard’s hononary oscar raises charges of anti-semitism*
lady gaga course offered at university of south carolina*
grant morrison documentary out now – plus, new wired interview*
filmmaker george hickenlooper, cousin of denver’s mayor, found dead*
video: randy quaid speaks to vancouver media*

oregon oddities:
box cutter blades found on flight to portland from tokyo*
portland-to-dallas flight diverts to utah for ‘unruly’ man*
cops pay $4,000 to oregon man who flipped them off*

police state int’l:
US spy budget tops $80b a year*
US spy budget tops $80b a yearbiometric devices help new jersey county track delivery of homeless services*
epic demands immediate halt of full-body airport scanners*
video: locking up profits in prison stocks*
arizona man arrested after guns found in truck at national mall*
fbi says dc shooter could be a marine*
c-4 seized in colorado in navy seal smuggling case*
newspaper bomb threat traced to swedish police*

runaway military spending ≠ fiscal responsibility*
US military uses more oil per day than the entire nation of pakistan*
lockmart awarded high-power microwave energy weapon contract*

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