12/16 Newspurge: Black Magic

9/11 updates:
9/11 survivor, activist Janette Mackinlay dies from toxic dust*
US senator calls for hearings on plane registry*

Spain researchers to tag human embryos with bar codes*
Spain researchers to tag human embryos with bar codesWhite House says science of man-made life can proceed*
Stem cell transplant cures HIV in Berlin*
Report: Scientists admit climate change worse before human CO2*
Video: Dental fillings & mercury risks debated at FDA meeting*
Time magazine asks: is the FDA on drugs?*
Pilot faked his way as a prestigious doctor for 20yrs, duping AMA & receiving millions in medical grants*

Controversial halluclinogen salvia study shows intense, novel effects in humans*
NJ doctor supplied steroids to hundreds of law enforcement officers, firefighters*

“It wouldn’t be US concern if USSR sent Jews to gas chambers,” Kissinger told Nixon on newly ‘discovered’ tapes*
Kissinger & Soviet Jewry, ‘contextualized’*
US recruited Nazis more than thought, declassified papers show*
CIA tries again to duck responsibility for doing drug experiments on veterans*
Lawsuits accuse knights of Columbus of child abuse*
FBI tries to delay release of anthrax attack report*
NAS surprised by FBI’s release of additional Amerithrax data *
Insider reveals diabolical secrets of the RAND corporation*
David Kelly: papers which could finally force full inquest*
Bids for Oswald’s coffin top $28,000*

Holy Hexes:
Church affirms Virgin Mary apparition in Wisconsin*
Video: Acrobats strip for Pope Benedict xvi, perform topless in Vatican*

Vanity Fair on ‘The Quaid Conspiracy’*
Vanity Fair on 'The Quaid Conspiracy'US wanted Bollywood as ally in war of terror*
‘Jeopardy!’ to pit humans vs IBM machine*
’40-year-old virgin’ star Shelley Malil jailed for life after stabbing ex-girlfriend 20 times*
A&E sued over filmed police killing of 7yr-old*

Romantic rival held in may slaying of Kent video producer*
Sylvie Cachay, beautiful & talented fashion designer, found dead at SoHo house*
Video: New York police eye possible serial killer after 4 bodies found at beach*
US serial killer victims may hit 160 *
Video: Shooter at Florida school board meeting evokes ‘V for Vendetta’*
Suicide note of clay duke*
False explosives alarm at Connecticut home*

Sanders has marathon filibuster of Obama/GOP tax scheme*
Press sec very angry senate will read ‘start’ legislation before vote*
Jimmy Carter says US ready for gay president*
America’s new mercenaries: Obama hiring military contractors at rate that would make bush blush*
Pulitzer-winner, Ex-CIA analyst, FBI whistleblower among those arrested outside White House*

Oregon oddities:
Oregon security firm owner arrested in burglary*
SERT unit responds to shooting in SE Portland apartment*

Police state int’l:
Bombs pave way for surveillance as Swedes react to terror*
Bombs pave way for surveillance as Swedes react to terrorSwedish military staffer knew about attacks: report*
UK martial law as police chief mulls banning protests*
Italy: amnesty intl lauds increased jail terms in CIA abduction case*
Jailed afghan drug lord was CIA informant*
Canada, US on verge of North American trade, security ‘perimeter’*
Unmanned Mexican drone crashes near El Paso, TX*
Ginormous drone will have first flight ‘next spring’*
Los Angeles dry run drill shows urban nuke a ‘survivable event’*
Washington subway police to begin random bag checks*

WV worry:
Mission accomplished: Massey CEO Don Blankenship’s retirement package – $12m in cash, health insurance, a secretary & a Chevy*
Mine safety bill defeated*

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