12/2 Newspurge: Watch Us Explode

Econocrash Updates:
Iceland faring better than Ireland after letting banks fail*
iceland faring better than ireland after letting banks failFed employee pay freeze proposed to control deficit*
Unemployment checks to 2m will stop without action*
New data: foreign banks biggest recipients of fed money*
Fed wants to strip a key protection for homeowners*
100s line up in Atlanta cold for help heating homes*
WV enters December $121m ahead on tax revenues*
More than 8m drop out of credit card use*
Black Friday chaos: Americans willing to trample one another to get cheap foreign-made plastic crap even as the US turns into post-industrial wasteland*

Video: 271 Picasso’s turn up in France*
Swedish royal family’s Nazi ties revealed by TV documentary*
Video: Lee Harvey Oswald’s coffin up for sale*

Mark Ruffalo ‘added to terrorism watchlist’ over Gasland*
Mark Ruffalo: When truth is scarier than fiction*
A million library books to be sent down the mines*
U2 & the concert no warmist would applaud*
Nazi concentration camp survivor, horror star Ingrid Pitt dead at 73*
Obituary: Leslie Nielsen dies at 84*
Italian filmmaker Mario Monicelli jumps to his death at 95*
‘Harry Potter’ grave becomes tourist site in Israel*
Video: Man possibly linked to publicist’s murder commits suicide*
Video: Neighbor says deceased suspect bragged about killing*

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