12/9 Newspurge: Do You Think You’ve Made the Right Decision This Time?

9/11 updates:
Video: Dukes/Smallville actor John Schneider talks 9/11*
‘Pentagon Papers’ whistleblowers call for new 9/11 investigation*
GOP senators block 9/11 health bill*

Obama declares national flu vaccination week dec5-11*
Obama declares national flu vaccination week dec5-11Toronto police arrest 12yr-old boy for refusing vaccination at school*
Haiti’s cholera likely from UN troops*
The chemtrail coverup continues*
Spraying skies: ’75 contrail patent*
Chemtrails & the hallelujah chorus*
NYC to deploy more emergency ambulances to harvest victims’ organs*

Marijuana cuts tumor growth by 50%*
Bach, not bullets: Youth symphony defies Mexico’s drugwar*

Holy Hexes:
Creationism theme park controversy continues in Kentucky*
Creationism theme park controversy continues in KentuckyWecanknow.com: Omaha billboards say Jesus returning may21*
Inquiry cites almost 2,000 dutch catholic sex abuse reports*
German MP says ‘Obama is not god’, yet unleashes ‘fire & brimstone’*

Touchdown sunday: Ad jokes about TSA selective screening & elitism*
Viacom says YouTube ruling will ‘completely destroy’ copyright*
George Lucas plans to resurrect dead movie stars*
Satire video: Excitement growing among Beatles fans for McCartney’s funeral*
Video: MIA creates controversy pulling skeletons out of CIA closet*
Video: Spike Jonze & Arcade Fire: Martial law comes to ‘The Suburbs’?*
Video: UK PM Cameron asked about liking The Smiths*

Police link ex-con to death of publicist Ronnie Chasen*
Disney town sees death for 2nd time in week*
Attorney seek to quash suspect interview in Bennett case*
Lady shooter pulls the trigger in Miami*
Mystery deepens around teen’s body found in Milton, Mass*

Oregon oddities:
Oregon man changes name from Smith to Awesome*
Oregon ‘Superdarn’ radar operational for studying upper atmosphere, ionosphere & space*

Russia crashes ‘Keen Sword’, largest ever US/Japan wargames, with sub-hunting planes*
Americans killed in Afghanistan in Nov equals last 7yrs of Novembers*

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