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1/20 newspurge: you & me and the war of the end times

9/11 updates:
daniel pearl was beheaded by 9/11 'mastermind' ksm*
flashback video: isi + cia = the death of daniel pearl*
89.5% of germans don't believe official 9/11 story*
fdny firefighter william henry quick dies at 55 from 9/11 related injuries*

scientists warn calif. could be struck by winter 'superstorm'*
scientists warn calif. could be struck by winter 'superstorm'US rejects calls to destroy smallpox stockpile*
gsk sets aside $3.4b to cover legal costs*
banned toxic chemicals found in 100% of pregnant women*
video: 200 dead cows found in wisconsin field*
updated timeline of mysterious animal deaths*

video: wikileaks given 2k secret bank files at press con*
US starts to call in loans to states for unemployment benefits*
video: bankruptcy of US is 'mathematical certainty,' says prof & former ceo of nation's 10th largest bank*

what if?: 50th anniversary of jfk's inauguration*
brother sues over sale of oswald's coffin*

video: media buries “you're dead” threat by leftist
against tea party leader as arizona psyop continues

rockers anti-flag, drowning pool rightfully quell speculation about motivating loughner*
satanic sacrifice at safeway? an ongoing investigation*
the loughner/space coincidences*
wheeler, turton, loughner, tunisia*
immolation copycats 2011*
2 calif. students wounded when gun in backpack discharges*
assault with deadly weapon charges expected*
video: philadelphia abortion doctor killed 7 babies with scissors*

obama doj defends marriage for man & woman only*
video: rahm emanuel & the chicago political syndicate - a symphony of corruption*

police state int'l:
homeland security junks billion dollar 'virtual fence'*
fbi arrests 127 'mobsters' in biggest ever crackdown in ny*
fbi: bomb placed at spokane mlk day parade was 'domestic terrorism'*
videos: big sis launches dhs takeover of hotels, malls & stadiums*
district of criminals wants access to thousands more surveillance cameras*
video: russell means says 'welcome to the reservation'*

50th anniversary of eisenhower's military-industry complex speech; still shocking on many levels*
25 tons of bombs wipe afghan town off map*
hersh: many within joint special operations command are, 'members of, or at least supporters of, knights of malta.'*
how did a marine corps food contract grow to $1.2b?*

wv worry:
activist dismayed by manchin plan to curb epa*
judy bonds, 58, enemy of mountaintop-removal coal mining, dies*
public has questions for chemical safety board*
flashback: bayer pesticide factory explosion in west virginia kills 1*

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