12/15 defcon: god’s particles, takedown sprees & more

ndaa gives pentagon a green light for cyberwar*

ndaa gives pentagon a green light for cyberwar

congress authorizes pentagon to wage internet war*
blueprint for a secure cyber future‘:
dhs releases cyber strategy framework*
california unveils cyber crime unit*
florida arrests 48 in child computer sex crimes investigation*
cops target climate-sceptic bloggers in three countries*
sopa tweet triggers political explosion, delays vote*
carrier iq meets with feds ‘to educate them’*
carrier iq explains secret monitoring software to ftc, fcc*
lockmart delivers gps3 pathfinder satellite to denver on schedule*
judge gives universal music 24 hours to explain takedown spree*
amazon big brother patent knows where you’ll go*
‘flash gordon’ supercomputer powers up in january*
galileo in tune as first navigation signal transmitted to earth*
nearest supernova since 1986 blasts boffin off his chair*
aug24 supernova was a ‘white dwarf’ star*
dna hackers: synthetic biology weaponized virus, zero-day exploit to infect your brain?*
higgs boson hunters have ‘god particle’ in their sights*
lhc may have revealed first hints of higgs*
video: boris chertok, russian rocket engineer, dies at 99*

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