12/23 newspurge: merry christmas (i don’t want to fight tonight)

9/11 updates:
deal reached on aid package for 9/11 responders*
jesse ventura hammers the 9/11 pentagon story*

anti-smoking drug chantix blamed in suicides, poorly tested*
on 199th anniversary of new madrid quake, fema urges public to be prepared*
the great honeybee conspiracy*

'israeli war crimes' signs go on metro busesgeopolitiks:
seattle mideast awareness campaign:
‘israeli war crimes’ signs go on metro buses*

mi6 spy gareth williams: keys found under body inside holdall*

david kaczynski, unabomber’s brother, on ‘ted & the cia’*
booth relatives hope dna will settle grave mystery*

holy hexes:
saddam hussein had qur’an written in his blood*
religious broadcaster questions harsh pot laws*

fox news graphic labels holocaust survivor as ‘holocaust winner’*
cablegate: anna nicole wreaked havoc in bahamas*

purse from florida school board ‘vendetta’ shooting sold on ebay for $13,100*
3 charged in high-profile virginia-highland murder*

oregon oddities:
woodburn bank bombers bruce & joshua turnidge head to death row*
oregon robbery suspects are female duo; say it started as a joke*

wv worry:
sen manchin apologizes for missing dadt/dream act votes*
wv judge ends massive porn lawsuit*

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