12/25 newspurge: it’s beginning to look alot like…

9/11 updates:
9/11 families argue in court to remove ashes of loved ones from nyc garbage dump*
fed judge in germany:
numerous 9/11 theories screaming for investigation
terrorists & crooks keep faa pilot’s licenses*
specter looks to revive 9/11 suits against saudis*
9/11 hero dies of cancer on christmas day*

russia blames US forces in afghanistan for heroin rise*
video: man dies after swallowing bag of pot and being tasered*

banks with political ties got bailouts, study shows*
banks squeezing money from unemployed*

berlusconi attack underscores a sharply divided italy*
viral video suggests berlusconi attack was faked*
former french president chirac indicted for embezzlement*
mexican navy kills top cartel kingpin in shootout*
why did lockerbie bomber have $2.9m in swiss bank?*
mumbai suspect is US double agent, india claims*
mumbai terror suspect david headley was ‘rogue US secret agent’*
cruise missiles strike yemen*
obama approves aid to israel & those other people*
organgate: after lying for decades,
israel admits illegal organ harvesting
israel admits harvesting palestinian organs*

video: marilyn monroe kicks back &
smokes some pot in newly uncovered home movie clip

‘sin city’ star dies: brittany murphy at 32*
video: nbc removes controversial clip after brittany murphy’s death*
moviemaking in america: it’s a man’s world*
parents in ‘balloon boy’ hoax get jail time*
the real reason newspapers are losing money, and why bailing out failing newspapers would create moral hazard in the media*
hannity calls ron paul supporters nuts & extremists;
says military complex gives us freedom of speech
movie ratings: smoking marijuana=r; murder=pg-13*
charlie sheen arrested on felony charges in aspen*

man holds 5 hostage in virginia post office*
virginia post office standoff ends peacefully*
fort hood-linked iman killed*
woman in red attacks pope*
US charges nigerian man in case of attempted terrorism*
foiled terrorist bombing in detroit:
an excuse to expand the bogus war of terror

obamessiah updates:
obama gives diplomatic immunity to interpol by executive order*
obama admin has picked the worst possible case for its first torture trial*
video: obama calls wall st ceo’s “fat cat bankers”*
how we killed health care & how we can bring it back to life*
video: senate passes historic health care legislation*
lisa pease: can obama face the ‘unspeakable’?*
another breach: ‘accidental salahis’ enjoy white house breakfast*
obama & the new world order*
obama calls local talk show: ‘barry from dc’*
bush officials emailed bogus rumor blaming gore for failure to kill osama*
rand paul leading republican candidate in kentucky*
video: ‘yes we can’ by winston smith*

police state int’l:
change: obama grants interpol immunity as foreign ‘assets’ assigned to US homeland; another brick in the wall of tyranny*
obama grants interpol immunity as foreign 'assets' assigned to US homelandUS prison population larger than that of 12 states*
cfr president admits wars of agenda to serve ‘…global order’*
un chief: we will impose global governance*
video: colbert says corporations ready to take over patriot act*
intelligence improperly collected on US citizens*
accidents increase at chicago red light cams intersections*
states get more time to comply with real id*
privacy is quickly becoming a thing of the past*
update: texas agrees to destroy controversial infant blood samples*
video: dc cop on desk duty after pulling gun at snowball fight*

contractors outnumber US soldiers in afghanistan*
norad posts rare video of its command center*
US forces had ‘boots on the ground’ in pakistan*
american sponsorship of global terrorism*
hillary: we’ll still be in afghanistan in 50 or 60yrs*
los alamos researchers accidentially demolish building with a cannon*
war costs americans more than all state govts combined*

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