12/31 binge & purge: prices, crisis & new year predictions

global food prices in 2011 face perilous rise*
global food prices in 2011 face perilous riseinflation may become a bigger worry in 2011 for food companies*
food stamps to be spread out in 2011: michigan to change its food stamp distribution policy in 2011* food safety news naughty list 2010*
with food safety bill, US govt will spend nearly $1m per person to prevent food-borne illness deaths*
100s of herbal products to be outlawed across european union in early 2011*
wikileaks cable reveals US conspired to retaliate against european nations if they resisted gmo’s*
united nations concerned about food safety activists*
hershey’s brings non-gmo confections to europe, but not to US*
monsanto’s neotame molecule allowed in usda certified organic foods*
update on salmonella sprouts outbreak: 94 ill in 16 states & dc*
west virginia hepatitis a outbreak – 11 people confirmed*
portland food detectives crack e. coli mystery, finger sally jackson cheese*
the printed future of christmas dinner*
terrorists may not poison the food supply this holiday, but the food companies already have*

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