1927 metropolis: silent sci-fi movie ahead of its time

1927 metropolis: silent sci-fi movie ahead of its timeThe most expensive silent movie ever made, Metropolis, a dystopia of class struggle still impresses with its special effects. History of the film is equally interesting. The original Metropolis had a running time of 153 minutes, but was cut shortly after premiere with the lost footage only having been recently recovered. A Wikipedia entry informs,on July 1, 2008, film experts in Berlin announced that a 16 mm reduction negative of the original premiere cut of the film, including almost all the lost scenes, had been discovered in the archives of the Museo del Cine (film museum) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.” Metropolis suffered due to its length and seen rarely as intended by director, Fritz Lang. Roger Ebert provided a nice piece about the restoration, in 2010, a 150 minute Metropolis screened in the United States. A trailer for the restored Metropolis provides great movie preview. Metropolis is an amazing movie!

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