1966 michigan sightings

1966 michigan sightingsMultiple UFO sightings in March, 1966 in southeast Michigan provide a classic episode when J. Allen Hynek dismissed the sightings as “swamp gas” in marshlands outside Ann Arbor. The Hynek entry in Wikipedia gives some sense how his vain attempt, entered popular culture, when Hynek’s “swamp gas” became focus of ‘national derision” and repeated “ad infinitum”. The present writer attests the commentary was everywhere! You can relive mid-sixties pop culture with a Walter Cronkite narrated CBS REPORTS in either short version or in its entirety:UFO: Friend, Foe or Fantasy. An interesting aspect is the public’s reaction to Frank Manor’s report of an UFO with ridicule and vandalism. It appears to be an ignorant reaction, but was certainly the predominate one of the period. You had to be a kook to see a UFO! Was it a psyop at work on the public? Manor is asked by a reporter in the CBS show, “are you sorry now that you did tell people what you saw?” Manor clearly regretted ever making the UFO report. The exchange encapsulates the sixties reaction to UFOs in a nutshell. A bit of Americana in a retro-UFO show, provided for your viewing pleasure!

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