1984: Big Brother Film

Shane Burridge provides insightful review of 1956 film, 1984 (1954 BBC version).” Burridge admits uninterested view of movie as science fiction, in high school, not recognizing film as dark satire on totalitarian government.  Burridge makes up for oversight in his review:  “…
I find the 1956 version oddly involving, primarily because of the
circum- stances of its viewing. This first film version of Orwell’s story
(made 8 years after the book’s publication) has never been commercially
available and exists only as a bootleg, passed from collector to collector,
sold on the grey market, or exchanged via PC on the Internet. I’m a diehard
advocate for films being seen in cinemas in the best prints possible, but I
find in the case of 1984 that less is more (a phrase that sits nicely among
the novel’s other oxymoronic slogans ‘War is Peace’ and ‘Freedom is
Slavery’). Watching this movie as a bootleg – with poorer picture quality
and in gritty black and white – is the perfect way to see it. There’s a
sense of illicitness in the act of viewing which serves the subterfuge and
paranoia of the story very well, as if we were watching an artifact from the
past that had been smuggled out of the vault and was now doing the rounds
The film, is required viewing, for proper 21st Century education, as 1984 represents, ruling elite’s desire for world!  Zbig Brzezinski admits globalists behind schedule in implementing plan, but almost 30 years later, goal clearly within reach! (note: You Tube label states 1956 version but it appears to be 1954 BBC TV version).

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